What is Spotify Pie? How to craft your own Spotify genre pie chart

What is Spotify Pie? How to craft your own Spotify genre pie chart - Techeranews

Spotify Pie emerges as a novel addition to the Spotify experience, enriching our love for the platform by providing diverse avenues for music discovery, library exploration, and deeper insights into our listening patterns.

This innovative tool shines brightest in its ability to unveil our music preferences through personalized pie charts. As you may have noticed, many users are crafting their own Spotify Pies, prompting us to delve into the intricacies of this plugin – from its accessibility to its functionalities and the benefits it brings.

While Spotify offers glimpses into our listening history, Spotify Pie elevates this experience by offering nuanced insights into the genres dominating our playlists. Its value is underscored by its inclusion in our curated list of top Spotify tips and tricks, showcasing its significance in enhancing the Spotify journey.

What is Spotify Pie?

Spotify Pie is a unique third-party plugin developed by Darren Huang, a University of California, Los Angeles student. Unlike Spotify’s official products, this plugin offers a fresh perspective on your listening habits through personalized pie chart representations.

By categorizing your favorite artists by genre, Spotify Pie provides valuable insights into your music preferences over the past month. From mainstream hits to underground gems, it captures the diversity of your playlist with precision.

While using Spotify Pie requires access to your Spotify account, rest assured that it only accesses your listening data, not your payment information. Whether you’re a casual listener or a music enthusiast, this plugin offers a simple and quick way to explore your musical tastes.

Try Spotify Pie today and uncover new musical genres and artists that resonate with you. Best of all, it’s free for both free and premium Spotify accounts.

Crafting Your Spotify Pie Chart: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating your own Spotify Pie chart is a breeze, as the Spotify Pie website makes it incredibly simple to “bake your monthly genre pie.” Accessible from any browser on your phone or computer, the site offers a seamless experience for users.

To get started, visit Spotify Pie and click on the prominent green Login To Spotify button. After logging in with your Spotify credentials, grant Spotify Pie access to your Spotify data. Ensure you’re comfortable with the permissions before proceeding.

Within moments, your Spotify Pie will be generated, accompanied by a legend detailing the genres you’ve been listening to over the past month. Maximize your browser window to view the pie in its entirety and explore the diverse array of genres you’ve indulged in.

Below the pie, you’ll find a list of the artists you’ve been enjoying, with your favorites conveniently displayed at the top. Hover over each segment of the pie to identify which artists belong to each genre.

While there’s no built-in option to share your pie directly, you can easily capture and share your listening habits by taking a screenshot. Whether you’re surprised by the variety of genres or reaffirmed in your musical preferences, crafting your Spotify Pie chart promises an enlightening experience.

Exploring Your Options: Spotify Pie for Apple Music

Wondering about your pie options with Apple Music? Unfortunately, there’s no direct counterpart to Spotify Pie for Apple Music users. If you’re immersed in Apple’s music world, you won’t be able to whip up a pie showcasing your favorite genres from the past month.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music’s strict privacy measures limit third-party developers’ access to user data. This means that while Spotify Pie flourishes in providing insights into listening habits, there’s currently no similar offering for Apple Music users.

While Spotify Pie thrives, offering personalized pie charts based on your Spotify listening habits, Apple Music users may need to look elsewhere for similar tools. As of now, there’s no indication of a Spotify Pie equivalent for Apple Music or a Spotify pie chart for Apple Music.