Wordle’s Word Bank: The Next Steps for the NYT

Wordle's Word Bank The Next Steps for the NYT - Techeranews

In the ever-engaging world of Wordle, where every day presents a new challenge of word mastery, a pressing concern looms the eventual depletion of available words. As enthusiasts ponder the fate of this beloved game, speculation abounds regarding what the future holds for Wordle and its devoted players.

The Wordle Chronicles –

Wordle’s Word Bank

From AXIOM to ZESTY, every Wordle word carries its weight in challenge and satisfaction. Yet, as the game marches through its first 1,000 days, the inevitable question arises: what happens when Wordle exhausts its word bank? Tracy Bennett, the game’s editor, recently addressed this query during a TikTok chat, hinting at potential solutions to this looming dilemma.

Addressing the Word Shortage

With approximately 2,300 words remaining in Wordle’s database, Bennett acknowledges the impending scarcity. While the game’s initial inventory comprised 2,315 answers, subsequent adjustments by Bennett and her team trimmed the list to 2,309, excluding controversial or excessively challenging terms. Despite these efforts, Bennett continues to introduce new words into the mix, with recent additions including GUANO, SNAFU, BALSA, and KAZOO, expanding the game’s repertoire.

Expanding the Lexicon

Bennett’s revelation of adding several dozen extra words hints at an evolving strategy to prolong Wordle’s longevity. However, with approximately 1,300 words remaining before Wordle exhausts its solutions, innovative measures are required to sustain the game’s allure.

Exploring Alternatives

As the countdown to Wordle’s word bank depletion accelerates, Bennett proposes several strategies to extend the game’s lifespan. Among these options, the notion of recycling old words emerges as a viable solution, reintroducing previously used terms to refresh the game’s challenges. Additionally, Bennett suggests the inclusion of plurals and past tenses, potentially diversifying gameplay while preserving Wordle’s essence.

Navigating Potential Pitfalls

While revisiting past answers presents minimal drawbacks, the inclusion of plurals and past tenses warrants careful consideration. While these additions may expand Wordle’s repertoire, they risk diluting the game’s core mechanics and introducing unintended complexities.

Charting a New Course

As Wordle approaches its word bank’s twilight, speculation runs rife regarding potential adaptations to sustain the game’s appeal. From including proper nouns to raising the difficulty level, a myriad of possibilities exists to reinvent Wordle for its next chapter.

Embracing Uncertainty

Despite the impending word shortage, Wordle enthusiasts can rest assured that Bennett and the New York Times have ample time to navigate this challenge. Until then, players can continue to savor the daily thrill of unraveling Wordle’s mysteries, relishing each triumph and anticipating the next unexpected twist in this beloved word game’s journey.


As Wordle’s word bank dwindles, the NYT faces the challenge of maintaining the game’s appeal and longevity. With various strategies on the table, Wordle enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting evolution in gameplay, ensuring its enduring popularity for years to come.